And the winner is. . .

Hello Friends!

As you can see from the voting record, Concept Sketch 2 (left) got the most votes from online voters. Concept Sketch 3 (right) came in second with online voters, but was also reported to me as the #1 choice of 3rd and 4th graders at Mrs. Linboom's school.

So..... Based on the two most popular cover sketches, Christina has created a final cover sketch and a title page. We considered trying to combine the two top sketches for the cover, but decided that would make the cover too busy and the type too small for an eBook. With eBooks, we have to remember that people will be seeing a tiny version of the cover on retail web sites such as Amazon, so it's better to have larger images and type without a lot of little details that are difficult to see.

So without further ado, here is the final concept cover sketch for the eBook Wordsworth and the Dragon!
Christina will create a title page for the book based on the sketch below:

Stay tuned for more sketches of the inside illustrations, as well as the next stages of design, when the sketches eventually become final art!