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Wordsworth And The Dragon by Scotti Cohn

Both of my kids, ages 8 and 11 enjoyed this book! Fun story and delightful illustrations. Really well done.
Theresa Pindroh Franke
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Wordsworth and the Dragon by Scotti Cohn is a delightful and clever children’s book. 
Wordsworth is a Page for the King of Atoz working toward becoming a Knight. But there is trouble in the kingdom. Someone has stolen the letter C and no one can pronounce any word with the letter C in it. Sir Clooney is now Sir Looney and Cookies are ookies. So Wordsworth, with the help of some secret friends, sets of to find the dragon that he thinks stole the precious letter. 
What I like about this book, is how clearly the author explains things. When the letter C was stolen and everyone in the kingdom started pronouncing words without a C , it could have been very confusing for children to read but Cohn has a way of explaining what the words used to be without taking away from the story. 
My son has begun reading it and he’s already excited to read about the dragon. I recommend this book for ages 7 and 8 children who love dragons and adventure.
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I really enjoyed reading Wordsworth and the Dragon and I think every child will love reading it too. The pencil like illustration by Christina Wald helped bring the story to life. So if you are looking for a book full of adventures, then pick up a copy and take a trip with Wordsworth. I highly recommend this book.
Ella Johnson
Wordsworth and the Dragon tells the story of a kingdom that has become topsy-turvy when Letter C from its royal alphabet is stolen. This story offers a creative twist in a classic fairytale setting. Of course a missing letter affects how everyone communicates, and the results are some of the funniest parts of the book. The illustrations are adorable and capture the characters' personalities perfectly. Full of adventure, fast-paced action scenes, and laugh-out-loud humor, Wordsworth will charm young readers from the first paragraph until the last. A delight! 
Dawn M. review
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I had the pleasure of seeing Wordsworth And The Dragon develop by reading the posts on Scotti Cohn’s website for this story, and it was a pleasure to read this book when completed.  Scotti Cohn has three children’s picture books already published by Sylvan Dell Publishing and she does not disappoint with this, her first fantasy written for children  7 years upwards. The addition of the illustrations by Christina Wald add the finishing sparkle to what is an excellent tale.
This is a delightful narrative about how the letter C is stolen from the  royal treasury, housed in the tallest tower in the castle. The people of the kingdom of Atoz find themselves unable to speak or write the letter. So crime becomes rime Sir Clooney becomes Sir Looney.  The King sends out his Knights to find the stolen letter C. His Page Wordsworth longs to be a Knight and is convinced that a Dragon must have stolen the letter C from the Royal Alphabet and so he sets out on his own quest to find the Dragon and recover the stolen letter.
In this story Ms Cohn has created fun characters all weaved together to create an  exciting adventure that will introduce the young ones not only to magic and friendship but also to how important the letters of the alphabet really are!
I thoroughly recommend this book that will not only delight the young ones but also those parents that wish to share the story with them.
Helen A. Howell
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I thought Wordsworth and the Dragon by Scotti Cohn was a funny, cute book with a clever twist. I liked how the book makes children think about the sounds of the alphabet. Nicely illustrated too. My children and I enjoyed reading it!
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