Initial Preliminary Sketches

 9-17-2011: Sunday is the new Wednesday!

Christina: I just finished a couple ideas: 

First off, the castle. I went a little crazy on this concept probably because I love castles so much and I have been reading my guidebooks for a trip to Greece I am about to take (the DK versions with all the lovely architecture illustrations with cutaways). The tower in the center is where the alphabet is heavily guarded. I also added a hedge maze, aviary, orchard... I am working on a map too.

Scotti: I love the detail and complexity of this castle illustration. It encourages children to imagine living there, exploring and playing and discovering magical things!


Christina: The throne room. I am integrating a lot of letters in the design. This scene is from the first chapter with Rho, the King and Sir Clooney. 

Scotti: How wonderful to see King Omicron and Sir Clooney "in the flesh"! I love the lettering on the dais, with the letter C missing.

Christina: First look at Princess Rho
Princess Rho is described as dressing plainly without the traditional "princess" trappings.

Scotti: What charms me most about Rho is the expression I see in her face and eyes. There is a sense of wonder and curiosity that I love.

Initial Post:

I have started doing some sketching on this wonderful book Scotti has written. My favorite non-human character is the Dragon Dash. There is a dash of the dragon from Grendel.

Scotti: Okay, I'm just going to blurt this out: I LOVE this dragon. He is Dash all over!

Christina: As far as humans, here is my first sketch of the main character Wordsworth on his Cavabok. I have painted Springboks before (and spronking Springboks), but this was more pony-like. I wanted him to be more solid like a pony than the slender gazelle look. This could be the new unicorn! Looking at my most recent sketch, I may add some gazelle markings to add a little wildness.

Scotti: As any writer will agree, it is a joy to work with an illustrator who "gets it." Christina not only reads the manuscript carefully, she seems to read my mind as well. Klause looks fantastic. I like the idea of adding gazelle markings.

Cavabok in progress

Christina: Finally, a view of the hero... More soon!

Scotti: And she does it again! I would know Wordsworth anywhere. 

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