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From time to time I will post questions/comments and responses (from Christina or me) on this page.

15 December 2011

A group of clever students from Goodfield and Congerville schools asked: 
"Did you think up the word Atoz to really mean the letters A to Z?"
Scotti's answer: Yes! Yes, I did. I'm so pleased that you noticed!

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November 2011

Recently I received an envelope filled with drawings of Sir Clooney from Ms. Rhoda's Third Grade Class in Illinois. I put them into a slideshow so you could enjoy them as well.

A Video Tribute to Sir Clooney
by Ms. Rhoda's Third Grade Class

Here is a link to the slideshow at Kizoa:

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"We have really enjoyed your blog Wordsworth and the Dragon. The kids are really into it. I like the way I can have it up on the smartboard, reading it to the students, while they avidly follow along. You should have seen their faces when I started pronouncing words without letters. Some students caught on immediately and got big smiles on their faces. Others took a little longer, but the smiles reflected the "lightbulbs" going off in their heads. There is not an illustration of Sir Clooney yet, so my students made some for you."
Dawn Rhoda
Third Grade
Chenoa Elementary School

Scotti's response: I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog! I can't wait to see the students' drawings of Sir Clooney!