Discussion Questions for Chapter 1

copyright Christina Wald

Have you read Chapter 1 yet? If not, off you go. Hop over and give it a read:

_Chapter 1_

When you're done, come back here. You and your friends can talk about how you would answer these questions:

(1) How does Wordsworth feel about becoming a knight someday?

(2) What does Wordsworth think about dragons?

(3) Did you notice the names of the king and his daughter (Omicron and Rho)? What about the former ruler, Queen Gamma? Do you know where those names came from? (Hint: The book is about letters of the alphabet.)

(4) Why do Wordsworth and the king call Sir Clooney, Sir Looney?

(5) At the end of the chapter, King Omicron says: "They need to understand that this is a matter of extreme urgeny!" What is wrong with that sentence? (Hint: Look closely at the last word. What letter is missing?)


  1. I've read it! I've read it! ^_^

    1: Wordsworth is excited about becoming a Knight, it can't happen too soon for him.

    2:Wordsworth, likes the idea of dragons, but he thinks they are clever enough to be tricky and not to be believed.

    3: Greek alphabet - if I didn't know that it would be terrible seeing as I'm half Greek ^__^

    4: They call him that because the letter C is missing and suddenly it's missing from their words too.

    5: C!

    How'd I do? How I'd do? ^___^

    1. Very good, Helen! You get an A+. I hope children will have fun discussing these questions with their classmates.


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