Discussion Questions - Chapter 8

Muddletongues! Yikes!  If you've already read CHAPTER 8, relax! You're safe (for now). If you haven't, well, be brave and go ahead and read it. Then give these questions a try. They won't bite!

(1) Were you surprised that the muddletongues were using the letter C as a bench? Why or why not?

(2) Why do you think Princess Rho flew away after telling Wordsworth that the muddletongues had captured a woman?

(3) Wordsworth was afraid of the muddletonques, but he still tried to rescue Phrasia. Have you ever done something even though you were afraid? What happened?

(4) If you could be any character in this chapter, which one would you be?

(5) What do you think will happen next?

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