Discussion Questions - Chapter 10

copyright Christina Wald

Well, here we are. Nothing left but the shouting, as they say. And yet... I get the feeling this may not be the end of Wordsworth's adventures. Be sure to read _CHAPTER 10_ and see what you think -- then take a look at these discussion questions.

(1) Wordsworth still thinks he is the luckiest boy in the kingdom, just like he did at the beginning of the book. Does he have different reasons for thinking that now than he had then?

(2) Why can't Wordsworth tell people about how Klause, Phrasia, Dash, and Rho helped him?

(3) Why did Wordsworth smile when he saw the signs over the banquet table?

(4) Why does Wordsworth stop for a second before he says Sir Clooney's name?

(5) If you were Wordsworth, would you keep quiet about what Klause, Phrasia, Dash, and Rho did to help you? Why or why not?

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