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Christina and I are pleased to announce that Wordsworth and the Dragon is making the final lap before crossing the finish line into publication!

I thought it might be interesting for you to see the art that Christina created for the cover. It's not just a matter of designing the front of the book. Every book has a back and a spine as well!

CreateSpace provides specific guidelines for what an illustrator needs to submit as cover art. For example, the width of the spine must be based on the number of pages in the book, so a formula is provided to compute the width of the spine. Here is what Christina created for Wordsworth:

copyright Christina Wald

The front cover includes my name as the author, the title of the book, and the line "Illustrated by Christina Wald" with a gorgeous illustration in which Dash the dragon hovers in the air, his body forming the letter "C". You can see the process we went through to create the cover _HERE_.
For the spine Christina used an illustration from the interior of the book: Dash the dragon clutching his "hand" after Klause the cavabok bit him. The white rectangle at the bottom is where CreateSpace will place the _ISBN barcode_ for this book.

The back cover contains information about the story designed to interest readers in reading the book. We decided that we would name our publishing "house" fter Klause, the trusty cavabok, and Christina placed a really cool "logo" on the back, showing a silhouette of Wordsworth riding Klause.

This cover was accepted by CreateSpace and they are sending a physical copy of the book to me. I hope to receive it in about a week.

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